Nest Thermostat – Smart Heating Explained

The smart home thermostat space has come on leaps and bounds the last few years with a couple of key players in the space. Today we dive into the latest in the Nest Thermostat line, now under the umbrella of Google, the product line looks to have an exciting future ahead.

In its 3rd generation, the slick new Nest Thermostat control with improved visual display makes it even easier to efficiently manage your homes heating.

For many people this may be your first step into the connected home. The likely conversations goes something along the lines of, We need a new boiler?, Have you thought about getting a Nest? What’s a Nest? The by product of replacing your boiler, leads to you almost being at the cutting edge of the connected smart home. Ok maybe a slight over statement, but for the first few weeks it will feel like it for sure.

What is this all about then?

The Nest Thermostat replace your old school dial thermostat, that has probably hung on your hallway wall, looking rather ugly for many many years. You basically get a new hub connected to your boiler which communicates with your new shiny looking thermostat control all over your Wi-Fi network. The thermostat can go where ever you like, as long as it is in reach of a plug socket for power you can have it hung on the wall or sitting on your coffee table the choice is yours.

Ok I get it, its a new thermostat that looks better? What else does it do?

Smart Learning

So the first key factor is you now have a self learning thermostat. This basically means that as you control your heating over the next few weeks the Nest will be continually learning how you are adjusting and changing the temperature over the course of each day. Slowly this will start to automatically set a schedule for you. While this is great, it can occasionally prove a little tricky to get it exactly how you need it with out a little manual intervention. No problem if you need to fine tune the schedule get the app on your Android or iPhone and its simple to make adjustments. Of course this can be done on the control itself as well, its just a bit easier on the app.

Control Anywhere

Nest Thermostat + Mobile App

Secondly, and probably the most useful for many, you can now control your homes heating without being at home. What? I hear you say.

Yes fire up the Nest mobile app and you now have the same control you would have as if you were standing at home with the dial in front off you. So next time you are away on holiday and coming back to a cold empty house, don’t worry, just remember to turn your heating on your journey back and arrive to a nice cosy house ready to relax and put your feet up. Happy people all around.

Voice Activation

Thirdly if you have branched into the voice activated world get this thing hooked up to your Google Home/ Alexa or even just on your mobile. Now you can be the ultimate lazy person and just bark orders

Ok Google, set the temperature to 18°


Parent Bonus

Finally for the eagle eyed parents trying to keep a lid on heating bills and your annoying children who keep turning the dial up to 30°C. With your new connected smart home you can now keep an eye on the temperature where ever you are so don’t panic.

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