Best Coffee Grinder – Dualit’s 75015

Dualit appliances can be found broadly across the nations kitchens, be it your toaster, kettle or blenders. When it comes to the Best Coffee Grinder space they have just one supurb offerring, with the Dualits 75015 Burr Coffee Grinder.

Not only does this product just look great on your worktop, it performance amazingly as well. With the ability to fine tune your grind between 10 different settings, you can get the right level of grind for how every you like to make your coffee. The easy to select portion size makes sure you only grind just the right amount you need to keep that coffee tasting fresh.

Dualit’s conical coffee grinder produces consistently ground coffee and preserves the maximum aroma of the bean. This is only possible with a conical burr grinder as it spins more slowly than other types of coffee grinders, minimising the clogging effect of oily or flavoured beans and producing less heat.

Dualit’s Product Description

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